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Valentine’s Day at the Flower Shop

February 14, 2012

*Rebecca pulls out hair*

Ok, no one panic… it’s not THAT bad…. YET.

V-Day (that’s a little shop talk for you) is the busiest single day of the florists year. It’s the biggest, trickiest, fastest holiday, and no one looks forward to it.

It’s big because of the peer pressure to SPEND MONEY!! The more you spend the more you love your Valentine. Or, so they say. Biggest spenders? High School Boys. Note, they are also the ones with the least cash and the shortest relationships.

It’s fast because it’s only one day. That’s it. And then it’s over, and all that’s left to do is try to sell leftover pink and red flowers. Which no one wants to buy. Because, let’s face it. No one likes that combination.

It’s tricky for several reasons which I will outline for you in minute detail below. You’re welcome.

#1 It’s on a different day of the week every year. Middle of the week V-days are traditionally busier for the florist than weekends. If V-day falls on the weekend, the sweethearts are more likely to go away for the weekend, or plan a fun day together. More likely to spend money on a fancy dinner. If V-day is on say, a Tuesday or a Wednesday, guys are more likely to send flowers to their honey at work. (They like to show off this way. All the girls at work will see the bouquet.) Ladies are more likely to cook and do the candlelight dinner at home after the kids are in bed. No one takes time off work for V-day, it’s not that kind of holiday.

This makes it tricky for the florist, because we never know for sure exactly how many flowers we will sell, what kind of arrangements will be popular this year, etc. No matter what the past years have been like, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules. And the only thing worse than running out of flowers on V-Day is having 300 roses leftover after.

#2 Weather!!! Here in Abominable Snowman Land (otherwise known as Wisconsin) we could very likely have snow on V-day.  Which would make deliveries very tricky.  On the other hand, I distinctly remember one year that it was 45 degrees on Valentine’s Day.  This cannot be Wisconsin.  (Bonus points if you know what movie I’m loosely quoting there.)  We all still talk about it. “Remember that one year we didn’t have to bag all the bouquets??   OMG, wouldn’t it be awesome if it was like that this year!?” The forecast is saying it may snow but I’m in denial.  Please God.

#3 Extra help!  Any other day of the winter we can easily get through a day with one designer and one delivery driver.  V-Day is completely different.  We need at least 3-4 drivers, 4 designers, people to wait on customers, answer phones, and run up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs keeping the display cooler full. Since we don’t normally employ this many people this is the time of year that we start recruiting every family member, friend, friend’s family member, friend’s family members friend, friend’s friends, and people off the street.  Ok, not really people off the street but I wouldn’t be surprised if someday we get that desperate.  This year almost my entire family (sans parents and little people too young to drive and answer phones) is helping out at the shop.

So, I took the day off.


I’ll be working.  Obviously.  But, I have big plans to crash at home tonight after the rush with something really chocolate-y and  have a very Romantic (It’s just “Ro-tic” without the man) evening.  So, order some flowers already!  Or, bring me some coffee!  And you know where to find me.  Look for 1000 red roses.  I’ll be right there in the middle.

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  1. Deb permalink
    February 14, 2012 10:23 pm

    I had a lovely steak dinner for Valentines I made just for me. And I bought myself 2 new sets of earrings (I have to post a pic or something, they are DARLING!!!) at Charming Charlie last Sunday. So I’m good for another year. I may just buy myself some flowers too, LOL, since they’re bound to go on sale tomorrow 😀

  2. Susannah permalink
    February 16, 2012 8:32 am

    ‘Twas a crazy but good V-day!


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