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What’s in My Purse

January 17, 2012

SO. WHAT is in my purse?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is your one and only chance to dive into the depths of this giant bag I am carrying with me everywhere.


Seriously, though… I have never filmed a video before. Never uploaded to YouTube. So, this is all new and exciting embarrassing.

And all four of my sister-roomies were sitting in the room and being angels by not pointing and laughing.  Although, I think you can hear some giggles at some points…

Hope you enjoy!

What’s in YOUR purse?

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  1. January 17, 2012 7:35 am

    That was super fun to watch. You’re adorable!

    Also, I cracked up when I saw that you carry around a Rubik’s Cube in your purse. That is definitely a big purse!

  2. Valerie permalink
    January 17, 2012 9:08 am

    Mom and Gilbert watched this with me. Gilbert wants to know why you have so much gum, and when you put your sunglasses on he burst out laughing and declared that you are a funny girl. 🙂 Mom wants to know why you don’t have a comb or something. 😉 And the Rubik’s cure was extremely amusing. 😉

    • Rebecca permalink*
      January 17, 2012 9:12 am

      LOL! I’m glad Gilbert was amused. Here’s why I have so much gum: Because when I buy gum I always buy at least 2 packages at once. I don’t know why exactly I do that… except I guess I think I’m saving myself time somehow… Maybe it’s part of the growing up in a big family and feeding a big family thing. I always “stock up” whenever I get the chance. 🙂 And I don’t know why I don’t have a comb. You would think I would…

  3. Crystal permalink
    January 17, 2012 6:34 pm

    loved the rubic’s cube!! lol

  4. Emily permalink
    January 22, 2012 4:05 pm

    Seems like we both have a gum addiction…:-) More videos!!!!

  5. Sarah permalink
    January 30, 2012 8:02 pm

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love this! So fun to hear your voice and we carry the same size purse definitely. You make me want to do it…but I think I’m too shy! You sure didn’t act shy! This was just so much fun!!!!!!!!

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