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Things Sarah Beth Said

December 9, 2011

While shopping at a clothing store that did not have clothes for little girls or toys for them to play with:
“Can I play with your phone?”
“I just BARELY know how to text.  I hardly even know how.  I mean, I just pretend actually.  Cause I don’t really know how.  BUT, if I had my OWN phone………. then I would know how to text.  And I wouldn’t have to borrow yours ALL THE TIME.”

At another clothing store.  To a complete stranger who stopped to admire the hat Sarah was trying on:
“She’s not my mom.” (pointing at me)
ME: “Um, right, I’m your sister.”
Sarah Beth: “Right.  She’s my sister.  My big, BIG sister.  But, I don’t think she’s old.  Even though she’s *stage whisper* TWENTY-NINE!!!!!”

While driving home in the car:

Sarah Beth: “So, how are those cookies doing that me and Susie made? Are they all gone or are there some left?”

Me: “There are still some left”

Sarah Beth: “Oh really. I’m surprised… I thought you girls would be chomping down on those.”

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  1. Susannah permalink
    December 9, 2011 6:20 pm

    As usual, SHE CRACKS ME UP!

  2. Sarah permalink
    December 13, 2011 7:58 am

    She is so cute! My sister Abigail is hilarious as well…even at almost 12. She told me the other day, “Sarah, I know what I want for my 13th birthday next year. I would ask for it this year, but I think you’ll have to save up for it.” I said, what do you want? She sighed and said, “a 20 foot dear blind.” **please note, our family doesn’t hunt** I said, “What do you want a 20 ft dear blind for?” She said, “To scout out the neighborhood. Can you imagine the things I would see the neighbors do…especially at night!”

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